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Brad Hathaway is a financial executive with experience managing operations and projects for both larger international, and smaller regional companies as well as non-profit organizations.  This experience makes him an excellent resource to provide insights that can improve your organization’s financial management.

Experience includes:

  • 12 years managing financial planning and analysis (FP&A) activities for global businesses. 

  • Six years managing financial reporting for a public multinational company. 

  • Five years setting up, staffing and running financial operations and projects internationally.

  • Accounting experience at the plant, field office, & main office.

  • Site financial leadership.

His specialties include: Financial planning and analysis (FP&A), financial reporting, operations/supply chain support, lean/TQM, S&OP, cost analysis/accounting, capital investments, Lean Management, and multi-currency and cross-cultural operations.

Get in touch today to learn how Brad can assist you or your company.

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